Expo Process

  • Expo Process

  • 15:00-15:02

    The Presenter introduce the leaders and guests

  • 15:02-15:04

    Play the platform online enterprise online situation PPT

  • 15:04-15:10

    Speech by Xie Yiping,Director of Jiangxi Province Department of Commerce

  • 15:10-15:16

    Speech by Leader of Thai Ministry of Commerce

  • 15:16-15:22

    Speech by relevant Leaders of Ukraine

  • 15:22-15:27

    Speech by Chief Economic Representative of Azerbaijani Embassy in China

  • 15:27-15:32

    Speech by Executive Chairman of China-Ukraine Cooperation Association

  • 15:32-15:35

    Opening Ceremony

  • 15:35-15:38

    Visit the enterprise VR digital exhibition hall and enter the enterprise exhibition hall

  • 15:38-15:41

    Visit the video room of the Exhibition and enter the video room

  • Opening Ceremony