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(1) Implement the national laws, regulations, guidelines and policies on domestic and foreign trade, international economic cooperation, utilization of foreign capital and port work, draft local laws and regulations on domestic and foreign trade, international economic cooperation, utilization of foreign capital and port management in our province, Draft regulations and policies, and organize the implementation of relevant regulations, rules and policies.

(2) Within the framework of the province's overall plan for economic and social development, formulate development strategies and plans for the province's domestic and foreign trade, international economic cooperation, and port opening, and organize their implementation.

(3) To formulate and implement annual business operation control objectives and measures, to statistics, analyze and publish important business information, and to participate in the coordination of business operations involving financial, financial, tax, statistical and other policy issues.

(4) Responsible for promoting the adjustment of the circulation industry structure, guiding the reform of circulation enterprises and the development of community businesses, responsible for the management of the trade service industry, proposing the policy recommendations for promoting the development of small and medium-sized businesses, promoting the standardization of circulation and chain operations, commercial franchising, logistics distribution, The development of modern circulation methods such as e-commerce.

(5) To take the lead in coordinating and rectifying and standardizing the work of market economic order in our province, to participate in the organization of the fight against infringement of intellectual property rights, commercial fraud, etc. in the commercial field, to promote the construction of credit in the commercial field, to guide commercial credit sales, and to establish a market integrity public service platform, Supervise and manage the special circulation industry.

(6) Promote the development of urban and rural markets, guide the planning of wholesale markets for bulk commodities, urban commercial network planning, commercial system construction, promote the construction of rural market systems, and organize the implementation of modern rural circulation network projects.

(7) Responsible for the organization and implementation of important consumer goods market regulation and management of important production materials circulation management, responsible for establishing and improving the emergency supply management mechanism of daily necessities market supply, monitoring and analysis of market operation, commodity supply and demand status, survey and analysis of commodity price information, forecast and early warning and information Guided, responsible for the management of important commodity reserves and market regulation according to the division of labor, responsible for the management of liquor monopoly, and supervising and managing the circulation of refined oil in accordance with relevant regulations.

(8) Promoting the transformation of trade growth mode, guiding and coordinating the construction of a trade promotion system, being responsible for promoting enterprises to develop diversified international markets, implementing national import and export commodities, processing trade management measures, and import and export management of commodities and technology catalogs, and responsible for organizing and implementing important industries The total import and export planning of products, raw materials and important agricultural products, is responsible for managing the import and export of mechanical and electrical products, guiding and coordinating processing trade, and is responsible for the guidance, coordination, review and approval of special customs supervision zones such as comprehensive bonded zones and export processing zones.

(IX) Implement national foreign technology trade, export control and policies to encourage the import and export of technology and complete sets of equipment, promote the standardization of import and export trade, legally supervise technology imports, equipment imports, and state restrictions on export technology, and issue non-proliferation and other laws in accordance with law Import and export licenses related to national security.

   (X) Take the lead in formulating service trade development plans and carrying out related work. Together with relevant departments, we will formulate plans, policies and organize implementation of our province to promote service export and service outsourcing development, and promote the construction of service outsourcing platforms.

(11) Responsible for related work related to WTO rules, assume responsibility for organizing and coordinating anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, safeguard measures and other work related to import and export fair trade, establish early warning mechanism for import and export fair trade, organize industrial damage investigation, guide coordination Industry safety response work and foreign response to anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard measures for our province’s export commodities.

(12) Responsible for using foreign capital and introducing foreign funds, carrying out investment promotion, protection and management in accordance with the law, establishing and improving investment promotion mechanisms, organizing and formulating measures for optimizing the investment environment, responsible for organizing and coordinating major investment promotion activities and coordinating the promotion of major investment projects Work; supervise and inspect the implementation of relevant laws, regulations, rules and contract articles by foreign-invested enterprises in accordance with the law and assist in solving related problems, and be responsible for the guidance, service, coordination and management of national and provincial development zones in the province as required Gan investors and enterprises investing in Gan provide policy consultation and coordination services.

(13) Participate in the organization and coordination of regional economic cooperation, be responsible for the coordination and service work of other provincial chambers of commerce in Jiangxi, offices in Gan, Jiangxi Federation of Commerce, and our province's chambers of commerce in foreign countries, offices in foreign countries, and guide the provincial government in overseas The organization introduces funds and economic cooperation business, and is responsible for the organization and implementation of counterpart support.

(14) Responsible for foreign economic cooperation, legally approve and promote the investment of enterprises in the province to set up enterprises abroad (except financial enterprises), guide and promote foreign project contracting, cooperation in overseas labor services and overseas employment, etc. The protection of the rights and interests of overseas employees, responsible for the management of foreign aid, receiving international multi-bilateral free aid and grants, and responsible for economic and technical cooperation and exchanges between relevant international organizations and our province.

(15) Responsible for the planning and construction of port management, port logistics, and electronic ports, coordinating the opening of domestic and international routes, flights, and land and water port passages, promoting the construction of "big customs clearance", and coordinating the construction of port infrastructure To guide and promote the construction of port operation areas and organize inspection and acceptance, organize port collection and transportation, and coordinate all relevant aspects of port customs clearance.

(XVI) Strengthen the work of safety production in the business field from the aspects of industry planning, industrial policies, regulations, standards, and administrative licensing; cooperate with relevant units to do a good job in the field of business safety, focusing on large-scale shopping malls, large markets, refined oil circulation, catering Safety production management in the industry, accommodation and other industries; guide and urge relevant enterprises to implement safety production laws and regulations, strengthen safety production management, and implement safety precautions.

(17) To undertake other matters assigned by the provincial people's government.